Episode 35

Shawn has issues with his sleep behavior and pitches his next amazing Hollywood script, Garrett goes postal on the US Postal Service and worries about his kid's future, and we flirt with the possibility of some amazing format changes.

Posted on 17 May 2013 at 10:43
The Wide-Ranging Past
Episode 34
The bowl cut and awkward shampooings make for uncomfortable haircut experiences, Shawn details one of his childhood dreams that has been partially fulfilled and we discuss a rare, new disease related to candy that might one day be named after Garrett. [8 Apr 2013]
Episode 33
Hiatus? What hiatus? After a long four years, Garrett and Shawn return to talk about how much their lives have changed, Garrett's new vitamin regiment and the socioeconomic realities of Starbucks. We missed you guys. There will be more. [21 Mar 2013]
Episode 32
We're back, baby! And we have shirts for sale, tons of new stuff to talk about, and plenty of ridiculous things to say. [2 Mar 2009]
Episode 31
Well, guess the summer vacation is over and it's time to get back to work. Podcast work, that is. You know, like talking about dreams and horsies and marshmallows. Look, it's hard work, okay? Trust us. Why won't anyone trust us?? [3 Sep 2008]
Episode 30
The podcast officially becomes a thirty-something. Nothing better for a 30th birthday gift than neurosis, sickness, noise and cougars. NOTHING BETTER. [7 Apr 2008]